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Future PCs

December 14th, 2005 by Gene

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Computers are getting smaller every week, it seems. But this is getting silly. We’ll check out the future. Today. On Engineering Works!

Only about 50 years ago, it took a whole room to hold a computer. Now, handheld units like the Blackberry are the size of a couple of decks of cards. What’s next?

How about a PC – keyboard, display and all – that you carry around in your pocket like a handful of pens?

The technology is just about here and you can already buy some of it. Computer engineers in Japan say they got the idea from the nifty gadgets James Bond uses to beat the bad guys in the movies.

These gadgets are a lot closer to reality. Computer engineers are combining ultra-small circuits with Bluetooth communications technology to make them work.

One gadget package looks like a set of pens, complete with clips to hold them in your shirt pocket. It’s got a cell phone with a handwriting function, a projector that throws a keyboard onto your desk, another that beams out a display, a camera and scanner and a personal ID device with a cash pass function.

Another company’s version does most of the same things, but they’re in cases the size of decks of cards that project the keyboard and display. Switch on and you’re ready to check your e-mail, call up sales data, or write a memo.

Our computer is in our pocket and we’re out of here. See you later.

Photo from NEC Corporation